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Every month has its own birthstone, which is a unique gemstone that has a special meaning and significance in history. Each month used to be traditionally associated with one birthstone but in recent times, some months such as August and October have been associated with more than one birthstone, with December having three birthstones. In ancient times, gemstones used to be ascribed to months based on color. Nowadays, however, there is a new list endorsed by the American Gem Society and gems of the same color can be assigned to different months, such as Garnet to January and Ruby to July, despite them both being red.

 January – Garnet

The birthstone for people born on the first month of the year is Garnet. They are lucky because they get to own one of a birthstone that’s available in the brightest and most beautiful of colors. The colors garnet is available in are vibrant, just like the way people born in January have very vibrant personalities. Garnet happens to be one of the oldest gemstones in history, and it has had a large significance from ancient times. Garnet protects the wearers from nightmares and accidents during travel, and generally provides protection.

 February – Amethyst

Amethyst is the birthstone of people who were born in February, and it has a history that is very lengthy and interesting. It has been opined to symbolize royalty mostly due to its purple color. It is, however, available in a number of other colors. Gemstone has been an integral part of some cultures, such as ancient Greece, modern Russia, and ancient Rome. Amethyst has been believed to ward off intoxication, and that is also has the power to give the wearer a clear head.

 March – Aquamarine and Bloodstone

March is one of the few months that have more than one birthstone. March has two birthstones, aquamarine and bloodstone.

When you hear the name aquamarine, it brings the image of a picturesque pastel sky blue color to your mind. This gemstone, since the beginning of time, has been used to symbolize health, hope, fidelity, and youth. The name itself means sea water, so it brings about a very calming effect to the wearer. It is also a stone of protection, as it has been known to protect the wearer from all sorts of danger.

Bloodstone is the second birthstone of people who were born in March. Most times, it appears in a dark green shade. Sometimes, however, as a result of the deposition of iron oxide, it has red spots on it. Babylonians throughout history have used it in the making of amulets and seals.


April – Diamond

Diamond, the birthstone for April, is one of the most popular gemstones in the world. It has been widely employed in the creation of luxury jewelry and engagement rings. Diamond is also one of the hardest gems in recent times. Diamonds have been widely associated with love and the celebration of love. Diamonds are available in a variety of beautiful and attractive colors like yellow, blue, and pink, and the most common is the white or clear diamond. Diamond has also been rumored to contain healing powers, and have features in lots of folklore.

 May – Emerald

The birthstone for the month of May is Emerald, and it stands for intelligence, growth, and youth. Emerald is a very rare and valuable stone which is notable for bringing joy and happiness. It also signifies rebirth and love. Since it is also the gem of Venus, it has been seen as a stone that aids in fertility. Egyptian mummies used to be buried with emerald because to them, it was a symbol of eternal youth.  

 June – Pearl and Alexandrite

People who were born in June are another set of people who have the benefit of having two gemstones. The two birthstones of July are Pearl and Alexandrite.

Pearls have a natural beauty and have been used by people of the upper class for centuries because of its classy and unique nature. Pearls have long been admired and esteemed in many cultures. Pearls are referred to as “the tears of the gods” in Persian mythology, and they have also been featured in Chinese mythology. They are different from all other gemstones because they are the only ones formed in the body of a living creature.

Alexandrite should be a favorite for people who love the magic of science, because it is a color-change gem. It changes color depending on the light – in daylight under the sun, it has a mossy green color and under the light of a lamp, it has a red color with a tone of raspberry. It has a lot of magic and lore associated with it and it bestows all of this on the wearer. Alexandrite has the power to inspire imagination, strengthen the wearer’s intuition, and helps in the flow of creative juices.

 July – Ruby

Ruby has long been used as the symbol for courage, passion, and love. It has been referred to as the king of all gems for centuries, and wearing ruby has been linked with good fortune for the wearer. Kings and emperor throughout history have regarded rubies as their most prized possessions. Rubies come in various shades of red, and the red color is one of their most distinguishing features.  Ruby has also been linked to wisdom and health. It is durable enough to be worn everyday and thanks to its unique red color, it can match almost any outfit.

 August – Peridot

A lot of gemstones are known for being available in many colors, but peridot is one of the few gemstones that is available in only one color. The gemstone for the month of August, Peridot, comes in a very distinctive lime green color. Peridot instills power and influence on the wearer of the stone. It also has the ability to bestow magical powers on the wearer, and it has some healing properties as well.

 September – Sapphire

The birthstone for the month of September is sapphire, and it has a lot of benefits to offer the wearer. It improves romance, and protects the wearers from harm and danger. Sapphire is the symbol for trust, purity, honesty, and loyalty. It can be found in many places on Earth. The most popular variant of sapphire is blue, but it is also available in almost every other color.

 October – Opal and Tourmaline

People born in October also enjoy the luxury of having two birthstones, opal and tourmaline.

Opal was regarded as the Queen of Gems because it featured all the colors of all the other gems. Opals can be compared to fingerprints, because each one is unique and no one is like the other. Opal has been long revered for its power to bring love, romance, beauty, and prosperity to the wearer. There are many varieties of opal, and there are some with flashes of greens and blues, while others are predominantly in reds and yellows.

Tourmaline is available in many colors and color combinations. There’s the grass green, orange, cranberry red, bubblegum pink, peach, and so many other variants of tourmaline. It aids in fat loss and detoxification, it enhances a healthy mood, and it rids the wearer’s body of toxic metals.

 November – Citrine and Topaz

Citrine and Topaz are the two birthstones of November.

Citrine has been said to be the sun’s gift. It is a protection stone, as it protects the wearers against evil thoughts and snake venom. It is also known as a gem of healing. Topaz is most popular in its orange hue, but it is also available in other colors such as pink, yellow, and blue.

 December – Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise

People born in December have the chance to celebrate their birth month with three different stones which are tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise. Each stone is available in different shades of blue, and they are all known for their unique structures and features.

Tanzanite is unique in the sense that it can only be found in one place in the entire planet – at Mount Kilimanjaro’s foothills. The color is also unique, because it is a velvety shade of blue that’s exotic, with an overtone of purple that’s very rich.  Tanzanite is famed for its healing abilities, and for its ability to stimulate the Third Eye, Throat, and Crown Chakras.

While zircon is widely known for its blue shade, but there are also other beautiful tones of zircon such as brown, red, orange, and yellow. For a very long time, zircon has helped with rest, bestowing honor and wisdom, and brings prosperity to the wearer. It is rare, affordable, and available in a spectrum of attractive colors.

Turquoise is one of the oldest known and most used gemstones in history and it is world-renowned. Egyptian pharaohs wore it around their necks and Native Americans out it on their dresses. It has a lot of benefits, including the ability to heal the wearer, protect the wearer from evil, and bring good luck to the wearer.

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