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The importance of Jewelry

By Amol KUMAWAT March 31, 2018 0 comments

Since the beginning of time, jewelry has been an indispensable part of cultures all over the world. There are many purposes which jewelry serves, and they also mean different things to different people. In every part of the world in both ancient and modern times, people have always worn jewelry and they have used them to symbolize different things and for many purposes. Jewelry is available in many different forms such as necklaces (or pendants), bracelets, rings, and earrings.

A means to harness the benefits of gemstones:

For people who believe in the power of gemstones and want to harness the many benefits gemstones have to offer, a great way of doing so is by wearing jewelry. Almost every gemstone available today is now available in one form of jewelry of the other. There are topaz earrings, sapphire necklaces, opal rings, and lots of others. These pieces of jewelry can be seamlessly incorporated into your outfits. They also provide a great way for you to have your favorite gemstone on you and reap its benefits at all times.

Jewelry as clothing accessories:

As clothing accessories, jewelry is used as women and men as well to serve as an “icing on the cake” when putting together an outfit. Some, if not all outfits need jewelry such as earrings, a statement necklace, or even some attractive rings. Jewelry generally enhances the quality and general outlook of an outfit.

It is used to signify relationship status:

Jewelry is also used to represent relationships. For instance, an engagement ring studded with a gem is used to represent a woman’s acceptance of her boyfriend’s marriage proposal. A wedding ring on the other hand, is used to signify that a person is married.

A form of investment:

In ancient and modern times alike, jewelry has been used as a form of investment. Rich people, businessmen, investors, and monarchs have bought jewelry as a way to store their wealth. Gold, gems, and colored stones which cost large amounts of money have been bought and stored to be sold later. As a result of the ability of these gems to increase in price and value over time, they serve as a worthwhile investment.

A status signifier:

 Jewelry is also used as a status signifier. Members of the upper class, especially women, adorn themselves with expensive jewelry to show off their social status.

Jewelry as gifts:

 Jewelry can also be presented as gifts, and they make great gifts for the people closest to you. You can use the gift of jewelry to show your love and appreciation to the people who matter to you – your mum, sister, father, fiancée, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

The right jewelry for the right occasion:

 It is also important to match jewelry to the occasion. For instance, jewelry should be kept to the minimum when going to work. It should not be too “blingy”. For some parties like a cocktail party or a night out at the club, they might require the use of more statement jewelry.

Jewelry has adorned the heads, arms, fingers, and wrists of women and men alike for a long time and it does not look like they are going away anytime soon.

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