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Birthstones have such an amazing history; dating back to the Bible times. According to the Bible, Aaron, brother to the prophet Moses wore a ceremonial breastplate adorned with twelve stones to represent the twelve tribes of Israel in his capacity as the first high priest of the Israelites. The stones were arranged in four rows, each being associated with each tribe.  Today, following the connection of each stone to a zodiac sign by the Romano-Jewish scholar, Titus Flavius Josephus in first century A.D. , each stone is now associated with each month of the year. This means April babies get a diamond and the amazing amethyst stone is associated with the lucky babies born in February – gotten from the poem published by Tiffany and Co. in a pamphlet in 1870. The poem laid out all the birthstones for each month and after the National Association of Jewelers officially adopted the list, it has faced continuous updates.

Not only are these gemstones absolutely beautiful, there are also myths and legends attributing healing powers and therapeutic influence to the stones. According to legend, these mythical powers are heightened in their assigned months. In the 15th Century Poland, it is said that the wealthy people collected a full set of the birthstones, alternating them in each month accordingly in order to reap the benefits of its powers.

The Amethyst Gemstone

 Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone associated with the month February. It contains the same type of iron found in Quartz which influences its color to a diverse shade of purple ranging from the light purple to a deep shade of purple. The word “amethyst” is coined from the Greek word “amethystos” which roughly translates to “not drunken” - a meaning preceding the belief of the Ancient Greeks that the amethyst gemstone is  a great antidote for drunkenness. Amethyst tumbled stones, larger and faceted stones and amethyst clusters are usually the forms in which the gemstone is sold. You can also find the stone in form of geodes and cathedral which is basically a huge and hollow geode packed with thousands of small crystals.

The Amethyst Stone Benefits

The amethyst stone absorbs and reflects a type of long-wavelength radiation called the far-infrared radiation which is believed from ongoing scientific experiments, to have several health benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Regeneration of Cells: One of the top amethyst benefits from its far-infrared radiation is the support of healthy cell regeneration and growth. According to scientific studies, the far-infrared radiation increases the level of energy in the body which is designed to promote growth of healthy cells and also possibly promote whole body growth. Majority of scientific experiments in this field have been conducted only on animals but results however indicate a similar result in humans.
  • Modulation of Sleep Patterns: Judging from scientific experiments, far-infrared radiation emits a low level of heat which in turn gives off a sense of calmness to the body and possible modulates sleep patterns. Some people therefore wear an amethyst crystal necklace in hopes of gaining a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Blood Circulation: Originally, scientists believed that it was the infrared heat from far-infrared radiation that promoted the circulation of blood in the body but recent studies have proven that it actually is the radiation itself and not the heat that gives these circulation benefits. Whatever the source, blood circulation, more specifically micro circulation among capillaries in the skin, is one of the amethyst benefits.
  • Fluid Motility: Apart from blood, lymph fluids and normal fluids in tissues also benefit improved circulation from far-infrared radiation.
  • Mood Improvement: In a recent study, an experiment was carried out on two groups of people – group A having radiation-emitting discs hidden underneath their pillows overnight and group B having no discs underneath their pillows while they slept. An assessment was carried out and group A showed a significant high level of overall life satisfaction as against group B.
  • Antioxidant Activities: The health benefits of antioxidants is no secret today and the demand for them are increasing by the day. According to recent studies, exposing certain foods to far-infrared radiation is likely to increase the antioxidant activity in the food.
  • Injury Support: skin damage, particularly diabetes-induced skin damage and skin damage incurred from chronic and acute conditions as well as reconstructive surgeries are likely benefit from the amethyst gemstone. According to studies, far-infrared radiation also improvise repair mechanisms in skin tissues.
  • Anti-Bacteria: Based on scientific studies, one of the amethyst stone benefits is the inhibition of the growth of bacteria in the body. Results show that the far-infrared radiation hinders the actions of certain enzymes that promote the growth of bacteria. By this, bacteria has a non-favorable environment for growth.

Amongst many others, an amethyst crystal necklace is a very beautiful gemstone that happens to have several benefits.


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