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About Us

Since life started to exist on Earth, planetary motions have played a major part in the life of every living being. No one can predict whether their future will be good or bad. Right from the Vedic era to Assyrians, everyone has acknowledged the existence of mystical forces around us that have a major impact on everyone’s life and lifestyle. In order to balance their lives to the fullest, they relied on different sorts of gemstones that took millions of years in the earth’s crust to form. Made of a rare combination of minerals, all of these stones are known to have natural forces or certain values and powers that affect a person’s life to a greater extent. For instance, amethyst is said to prevent intoxication.

We, at Givuto, have been trying to realign the power of these gemstones with people’s birthstones. We believe that this will help fetch the goodness and beneficial effects of the heavenly bodies around us. It is evident in most of the ancient civilizations that the heavenly bodies and their positions have synchronization with one’s life, fortune, health, and prosperity. We are trying to connect the dots so we can offer an assorted range of options to the people for the sake of their well-being – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Commitment, Love, and Strength

Right from the birthstones to birthstone jewelry, we have an assorted range of products at our online store that can be helpful in dealing with relationships, betrayal, health, failure, finance, etc. Having the right birthstones around you will definitely attract the positive energy present in the universe toward you so you can always get the best in life. In short, the right choice of gemstone can surely provide you with good health, position, prestige, wealth, high honor, and social esteem.

We offer all sorts of birthstones and gemstones all across the world to satisfy the demands of our customers. Not only to our retail customers, Givuto is also an established name for various jewelers and gemstone collectors in almost 140+ countries owing to our dedication towards authenticity, quality, and customer satisfaction.

We Strive for the Best

Givuto not only aims to bring to you the most intricately carved birthstones and gemstones that are sure to be appreciated for their size, weight, shape, color, clarity, and origin, we are also driven by gem purity and customer value. Each of the natural stones offered by us is tested by external lab agencies for their quality and authenticity so you can depend on us for quality gemstones and jewelry at all times.
Get ready to explore an enchanted range of birthstones in multitudes of designs, sizes, and styles and let the cosmic energy work in your favor. At Givuto, our selection of fine birthstones is ready for you to treasure as your own or gift to your close ones for reminding them how much they mean to you.

Team Givuto

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