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“Simply Amazing”

I bought this ring because I wanted to expand my jewelry closet and it turned out to be an amazing investment.

Elena Jimenez


“The Best Gift”

I purchased this ring as a gift for my wife and she wouldn't stop gushing about it.

Simon D.


“Worth the purchase”

I've had this ring for some time now and I must confess that it has led to a turn-around in my vibrations and general energy.

Jane Simpson


“I Love It!”

You all have to add this to your shopping cart. It will work wonders for your mental health.

Eliza Lowe


“A Must-Buy”

Everyone needs to get this because it works wonders.

Hadeezah Al-Mubarak


“Miracle Worker!!!!”

I was going through a patch of emotional instability and after putting on this ring, things got a lot better. Miracle worker. 💞



“Spiritual Helper”

This ring really helped me with the spiritual storm I was battling. Calmed my aura and did a lot of good. If you have negative spiritual energies, this is your surest bet.

Ally Deeson


“Best Ring!!!”

Best ring in the world!!!



“A Great Investment”

I do not regret splurging on this ring because not only is it beautiful, it also  does a great deal of good in harnessing the powerhouse that is the amethyst stone.

Jessie N.


“Great Gift”

i was looking for a great gift for my bestie and i came across this ring. we both love it and i might just get another for my mom.

Jacob Dunne



It looks even better in person. 😍

  1. Marson


“Fast delivery”

The delivery was done really fast and the package was untouched.



“Excellent addition to my collection”

I have been collecting amethyst jewelry for years and this has been a great addition to my collection. Whenever I wear it, I feel calm on spiritual, emotional, and mental levels.

Kelechi U.



This ring is really beautiful and it does a great Job of expelling negative energy.



“5-Star Worthy”

This ring in three words? Worth the money.

Uma Wilson



This ring has done a whole lot do good for me and I never leave home without it.

Sierra Marks


“Love the vibes”

Ever since I started wearing this ring, it has been positive energy and good vibes all the way. Thank you Givuto.

Diana A.E. Rafton


“Helped me a lot”

Got this ring for myself because I was going through tough times, and it has helped a lot.



“Looks Good”

The ring looks good in person. It is made of high quality material and it is packaged beautifully. Big ups.




This ring is simply breathtaking and it steal the show every single time.

Amy Long


“Fast Shipping”

This ring was shipped super fast and I was super suprised. Going ahead to order lots of other things.



“It was okay”

It was okay.

Patricia Mae


“Loved It!!!!!!!”

This is my go-to helper when I feel like I need positive vibes and energy around me.

Penelope Karuba


“I'm glad I bought this.”

I made the right choice buying this ring.

Karen T.


“Nice accessory”

This ring is beautiful and goes with a lot of my outfits.

Jenny J.


“The Perfect Replacement”

I bought this after I misplaced my amethyst necklace, and it has been a great replacement and does a good job of providing me with spiritual and emotional calmness.



“Not Really Impressed”

I wasn't too impressed with this ring.



“A favorite”

My favorite ring right now.



“Amazing Details”

The cuts on this ring are very detailed and look very stunning.



“Wonderful Ring!”

This ring is wonderful and I must say, I am impressed!



“Totally Worth the Splurge”

I was second guessing myself before making the purchase but I'm thankful I did. Works wonders for my spiritual energy and has calmed me down emotionally. I love it.

Erinn Warren


“The real deal”

This is original amethyst because it has breaking free from bad habits and limiting behaviors.



“The best”

I wear this all the time and it protects my physical environment from negative energies.



“meditation helper”

Assists in meditation and dream work.

Veronica Klint


“All the powers of amethyst in one ring.”

Amethyst carries a high frequency that protects the energy field, clears the aura and chakras, and purifies the individual, removing any negative energy and allowing them to move forward in life, into higher states of consciousness. This ring is great bec



“This ring is my personal protector”

This ring has shown that has strong protective properties and guards against psychic attack.

Taylor McCaulin


“Highly Recommend”

Amethyst is a must-have for anyone working in healing professions. Those working with sick or mentally ill people will benefit as these people literally “suck” energy from you if you are not protected. The high vibration of amethyst will protect your



“It's great!”

This ring keeps me in harmony and free from picking up negative or unwanted energies from the environment.

Fredricka Gadot


“Great for clarity”

I love this ring because it clears my mind and helps bring clarity in decision making

Clarice Jones


“Harmony and Protection 💟”

Amethyst has been known  to bring harmony and protection from outside influences into the environment, and this ring does just that.

Layla Alzal


“super fast delivery”

I'm really glad because this ring got delivered extra fast. I can't wait to wear it ALL THE TIME!!!



“Just what I wanted.”

I got this ring because Amethyst protects against psychic attack, paranormal harm or ill-wishing, and returns the energy back to the universe after being transformed into positive, loving energy, and it hasn't disappointed me.

Barbara Steinfield


“It has helped a lot!”

Ever since I got this ring, it has alleviated my stress, anxiety, fear, and grief.

Hope Barclay



I had been looking for an original amethyst piece for months and I finally got it. It has been great owning this ring. Sometimes I wear it to bed because it is that good.

Bailey K.


“Love Love Love”

This ring and its high vibration of amethyst has done a great job of protecting my energy field.




This ring works perfectly with the third eye, crown, and upper chakras.

Jenny Ericson



This ring is totally stunning. 😍😍😍😍😍 it looks so much better in person.



“Super Fast Shipping”

I have to commend Givuto for the speedy delivery.

Sandra Flint


“Mind Blowing Design”


I was blown away by the beautiful design and attractive nature of this ring.



“It's a No”

I didn't like it much

Barbara Steinfield


“Aesthetic in an accessory”

In the world of constantly evolving accessories, nothing is more defining than a great ring to match a great outfit and that where this ring comes in. The red garnet ring not only compliments my outfits but gives me this amazing princess feel.

I love this



“Red Magnificence”

I’ve been thing out for a ring like this for months and now that I got it I’m glad I did! It has this startling deep red colour that sparkles and glows in magnificence. The gem and all the pretty diamonds around it are eye lusting.

I glad I got this r



“I’m glad I got this!”

When I die, bury me with this ring!



“I Love it!”

Yo, this ring is the real deal, I am now a new person.



“An Impeccable Asset to Own”

It not only radiates beauty but it gives me this unexplainable beautiful feel. I so love it.



“5-Star Worthy”

I love this ring and it totally deserves the 5 stars and even more.

Eloise G.


“Glad I bought it.”

Purchased it for my girlfriend and she's been glittery ever since. She loves it and I love it, too. Looks so beautiful on her.  I think she loves me more for getting her such a stunner. Lol

She wears it always.



“Looks Exotic”

It was delivered days back and I am still head over hills with it. It's got this exotic look, oh my. It's extremely beautiful and it's totally worth the price.

Jayde Peters


“Energy purifier”

This ring has proven that it has the power to purify the energies in your body by getting rid of the toxins and restoring your body to its revitalized and re-energized state.

Felicity Hobbs


“I love it.”

It is eye catching. I love the colour combos.

Alexa Orion


“It's cool.”

I bonded with it at once. Though, I think I negligently picked the wrong size so, it's quite bigger than me. I love the connection I have with it notwithstanding.

Nelly Jones


“A proud September born”

It makes me feel special. Since I go it, I can't seem to wait for my birth month.

Tasha Douglas


“It's just okay”

It is just okay.

Sasha Neo


“Love my new ring.”

The ring matches the pictures and  description perfectly. Couldn't have gotten anything better.

Rebecca Simpson


“Good luck charm”

It has become my lucky ring for love, success and popularity. Helps to move the chi and energy flow in the body and stimulates physical activity.




Call me crazy but this ring has some magical benefits on love life and health.



“It is soothing.”

I get this soothing feeling whenever I have it on. I really do like it.

Arielle Abrahams


“A lovely birthday present.”

Got it as a birthday present for my kid sister and she's been all smiles ever since.

I think it is a nice birthday present for loved ones. It's gonna keep reminding them of their birthdays.



“it has helped me become a better sharer.”

Ever since I started wearing this ring, it has opened the door for sharing with others.



“My helper 💟”

I don't know if I'm the only one but this ring fortifies courage to help me overcome problems.



“Promotes self-confidence.”

I love this ring it promotes self-confidence. It's real garnet.



“A favorite”





I did not like this ring.



“Great Ring”

Strengthens courage, hope and trust.

Fiona Smith



I'm not impressed



“Negative energy repeller”

Garnet enhances bodily strength and repels negative energy. I know this ring is original garnet because it just does that!

Vicky McVale


“Original Garnet”

Garnet enhances bodily strength and repels negative energy. I know this ring is original garnet because it just does that!

Vicky McVale


“Negative energy repeller”

Garnet enhances bodily strength and repels negative energy. I know this ring is original garnet because it just does that!

Vicky McVale


“A but fanciful but it's cool”

I think it's cool.  Just a bit too fanciful for a grown girl like me

Neonda Hendrix


“Ring of Health”

Garnet is known as the “stone of health” because it dissolves emotional blockages in the body. So this ring is basically my ring of health LOL!



“ring of clarity”

It is particularly good in times of change, permitting me to clearly, powerfully see my own responsibilities and attracting loving assistance from others.



“Very nice.”

I like to take a look at my hand regularly,  just so that I can catch a glimpse of my lovely ring. I like it.

Tiara Sam


“Amazing in Lots of Ways”

My new ring helps to improve job, money and relationship matters. It also brings lots of happiness, confiidence and financial stability.



“Just there”

It's okay I guess

Diana A.E. Rafton


“A great choice I made”

Was a bit skeptical while placing my order but I am happy I did. It feels as great as it looks.

Joan Davis


“I need this”

A friend of mine has this. I've been leaving tabs open on the computer, I hope my boyfriend gets this for me.




I've never really aligned with the gemstone tale. I basically purchased the ring out of my love for rings. Since I got it however, there's this overwhelming  surge of warmth I feel whenever i put it on.

I recommend it for everyone.

Nicole Sam



It is a good accessory.




“Nothing over the top”

It is a good piece, but I don’t fancy it.



“Wonderful ring it is.”

My friend collected the first one I bought and daily talks about how different it makes her feel. I share same notion as the new one I got have same impact on me. It's really wonderful.

Jules Simon


“Great gift”

I’ve been looking for a gift for me girl and this piece just fits. She would love it.



“Dull colour.”

I don’t like the colour, it’s too dull for me.



“Good fit”

It’s red, it’s goes with anything.

I like it.



“Thank you, givito.”

Delivery was prompt, it was exactly was I saw in the catalogue. Thank you.

Anastacia Curtis


“I love it”

It’s a piece after my name. I love it and I’m glad I got it!




I can't stop looking at my finger, even as I type this review. I love it!



“Making it a duo”

I plan to buy one more so me and my best friend can match!




I love how I can wear it with most of my outfits.



“Great fit”

It's my perfect size!! I don't have to worry about it slipping off and it also looks great!




Why are you still scrolling through the reviews? Buy one now! You won't regret it.




It matches my nails now Ahhh!



“Red delight”

I love rings! And this one is fast becoming my favourite.




I'm tempted to get one in every colour available.




It is everything it is meant to be. I am awed by it.

Theodora Wayne


“Completely charming”

My husband presented a ring he got from here to me and he said I have become extra sweet ever since then.  It is charming. I want to get one for him, too.

Cynthia Marshall


“Garnet Haven”

This ring works just like real garnets by providing protection from disease and promoting feelings of peace, strength, confidence and productivity.

Mary Johnson


“Love It”

Love it!



“The Design 😍😍

I thought the pictures exaggerated the intricacy of the design but it's even more mind blowing in person.



“A must have”

This is something special. It should be owned by everyone.

Susan Jason


“My mum loves it.”

I wasn't sure of what to get my mum for the International Women's day. I saw this and decided to give it a shot and she was totally blown away. I'm so happy.

Nia Philips


“Better experienced than described”

I used to think that the story behind garnet was all mythical. Now that I own one, I know better. It is better experienced than described.

Tiana Philips



Sits well on the hand and gives you this out of the world glow.




A friend compelled into buying  this ring. I must say I was sceptical. I am grateful I trusted her judgement. I wore this ring for a promotional interview and it did exactly as described. Boosted my confidence and brought me success while looking like a m

Lou Baker


“Ring of Ease”

I see it as a ring of ease, cause ease is all I've felt since I started to use it. It also comes with this all round wholeness and peace. It is a must have.

Michael Larry


“So stylish”

This ring is everything and more.  Trust me, this is coming from a "difficult to please" lady 😀. It's beautiful, it really is.



“A let down.”

I don't know, I was disappointed. It wasn't a perfect fit.



“A must have.”

I am so impressed by this. I strongly recommend it. Every woman needs this Garnet ring. I exude warmth EVERY time I have this ring on and it's so pretty.

Lady Boss


“Best gift I got myself.”

As a January baby, I'm glad I got this.



“A Life Saver”

I had this specially made and delivered to my girlfriend in January and she loved it! Last week, I was a rather bad boyfriend. Boy! Was I glittery?

 Guess what? She overlooked. In her words "I should be really mad, but I'll let this slide...because of you



“Creativity Booster.”

For quite a while, I was struggling with the creative side of  me. Heard about the usefulness of Garnet and decided to give it a try. It works like magic. At the moment, I am more creative than I ever thought possible.

Samantha Joe


“Fast Delivery”

I'm so glad that my ring got delivered fast. Thumbs up.



“I did not like it.”

I wish I had not gotten it.




Beautiful! I would rather it was less conspicuous. A good deal nevertheless.



“Very impressive.”

Since I started to use this ring, I've been unusually strengthened and balanced. The ring has to have components of the real garnet to have such an effect. I had no choice but to get 3 more for  every member of  my family.

Ray Charles





This purchase was worth it.



“My ring of wonders”

I call it my ring of wonders. I love it so much. It 's now a part of me. I believe so much in its abilities cause I've seen it play out.





“My Lady loved this”

She loved it and it was delivered promptly.



“Attentive Team”

I loved that my concerns and preference was taken into consideration.




I've heard about garnet for some time and all the powers it wields. I came across this website and decided to give it a trial. I must confess that it is everything I heard and more. I have been struggling with the creative side of me. But since it became

Vivienne Stones


“Well detailed”

I really this a lot of work was put into crafting this name. Very beautiful.

This Lady Has No Name


“Excellent Service”

I am particular about the service of any business.






An all round enhancer in a ring form.

Veralyn Oscar


“I'm grateful”

I used to be frequently depressed until my girl friend got this garnet ring for me. Now I don't feel the depression urge anymore. I am more than grateful



“Confidence Booster”

This ring is stylish and absolutely perfect for the boss chick. I love it!



“Ring of health.”

This garnet ring is my health talisman. It works

Perry Fredrick



Very pretty 😍

Fashion Junkie


“I found it very helpful and useful.”

It was recommended to me and having used it and still using it, I recommend it to all. Not only is it healthy, it is also therapeutic.

Cheery Blaise


“Decent Fit”

Pretty Decent.

Kelly walker


“What's Not To Love?”

This product is honestly underrated. Beautiful and classy.



“Excellent choice”

Garnets are her favorite. This didn't disappoint.

Ken Clark



One word for this ring - Perfect

Barbara Steinfield


“Never Felt so Good”


I only got this out of curiosity, but I don't regret having it.

Margaret James


“What a ring”

The ring is so stunning and pretty all my friends wish they were me.


Joy stones


“I Am In Awe!”

I purchased this ring recently and I tell you I was stunned. It's a beautiful mix of beauty and style. My little girl of 4 suffered from nightmares and I read that Garnets can be used to help children overcome. It's been 2 months, and she hasn't experienc

Heather Mckinsey


“Awesome feeling”


This is the best I've felt going into a new year. I am high on confidence and driven to achieve my dreams this year.

Katty Perry




“Nothing special”

Really too much hype around the round the ring it's just ok.

Danielle Braid



This ring got me feeling like I'm on another planet.

Theodora Jefferson


“Ring of rings”

Of all the rings I've ever gotten this is by far the best.

Dora Clark




“Best gift ever”


So I was born in January and I decided to spoil myself a little. So I got this Sterling Silver Ring to start off the new year and trust me I never felt better.

Ann Rex


“Speaks volumes”


The ring's beauty speaks for itself.

Alexis Peters


“Speaks volumes”


The ring's beauty speaks for itself.



“Beautiful feel”

It makes me feel like a princess, I love it.



“What a ring”

This ring definitely delivers on all it's promises I love it.

Joy stones


“Love it”

So much love for this piece of jewelry.




It compliments me and my outfit, my friends keep asking me about the ring.




It's amazing how real and how this little ring has driven me towards my goals



“Brightens up my day”

Since I got this ring my day has been brighter and better



“Awesome feeling”

I've never gotten myself anything this awesome before




It's elegant and really cool. But I hoped for more



“So so ring”

Not really what I wanted but I can't complain





“Girls bestfriend”

I love it! It’s a need for every girl who like rings.



“Never Felt Better”

For the first time in my life, I bought something that actually does what it promises to the latter.



“What a beauty”


Words can not express how this ring makes me feel.



“Must get”

Get it! Get it! I did and I love it.



“Finger lust”

My friends can’t stop looking at my finger. I’m glad I got it.



“Great experience”


I keep breaking new grounds thanks to the positive energy the ring attracts.



“Wow amazing”


It's simply amazing and fantastic. So happy to be born in January.



“Loads of Benefits”

Garnet is a powerful energizing and regenerative stone. It balances, strengthens and protects. This ring does all of that and more.



“Garnet Is The Real Deal”

I am in love! This product isn't just a pretty jewel. Every time I have this on, I experience an irresistible favor particularly at work.

Miss irresistible


“I'm hooked”


This ring got me hooked it's so amazing.





Such a perfect gift for my lady so loved it.




This ring has removed inhibitions and taboos, opening up my heart and bestowing self-confidence on me.



“Big happiness”


It's true big things come in little package. This ring has brought me so much joy.






Saved a lot of stress looking for a gift it's great.



“Ten outta Ten”

It looks just as good as the picture here, even better!





“My girlfriend thinks it's great”


Got this for my girl.and she can't stop talking about how great it is.



“Embarrassed Daughter”

LMAO! My mum believes this ring I got here, spiced her sex life. How do I tell this woman that I ain't supposed to be hearing this😂.



“Just there”


Won't say it attracts negative energy, but doesn't attract positive energy either. It's beautiful.



“You need this”

It’s a must get, just get it. I did and I love it.





It's too expensive, it's a mere ring with no worth whatsover.




Well...I suppose a blue gem on it would have made it perfect. It still looks okay though.






It’s worth it, I can’t stop looking at it.



“Really amazing”


It's amazing how the Sterling Silver Ring as brought so much joy to me.




Beautiful, nevertheless shipping hassle was unbearable.

Courtney W




I thought it was a joke but the power of this ring has taken me to greater heights.



“Get it now”


A trial would convince you, I tried it and haven't regretted it. Happy birthday to me.



“Great experience”


I keep breaking new grounds thanks to the positive energy the ring attracts.





Incredible surprise present for my bff...she was so flattered, she loved it.



“So appealing”


I decided to be a little fancy and all that. Getting this wasn't a wrong decision after-all. It's being silver makes it so nice. It matches with majority of my accessories. The red stone on it is to die for...I don't love it, I so much love it...




It’s just what I was looking for.



“Not Just My Thing”

Well cut. I wasn't fascinated anyways.



“Luck charm”


Gosh, who says a jewelry can't bring good fortune...this can and does actually. I call it my good luck charm.



“No bad”

Not what I expected but it would pass



“Too flat”

I like colours this is not what I like



“Eye candy”

It’s red and beautiful, definitely worth it.







“Not too good”

I don't hate it and I still don't love it



“Worth it!”

Just get it, you’d love it.






I can't believe everyone doesn't love this... I and my bff have one



“So Gorgeous 😍

I have to find a subtle way to get my boyfriend to buy thing. How can a ring be this pretty?

Vain Pearl


“Over the moon”

Nothing gets me excited but this did. I'm so pleased with the product.



“Love it”

The ring is really cool. I think I might get another one for my sister.




If you want to impress a girl just get her this.



“Must have”

People don’t even look at me anymore, they look at my ring LOL.




It’s a ring every girl should have, I’m glad I do.



“Mad design”

The design is mad, the colour is amazing. I just love it!




The two red gems are what I love most.




People keep asking me where I got this, it’s a great piece.




Prompt delivery. Well done.

Candy Bridge


“Sliver magic”

I got it, I wear it; I love it!



“Finger magic”

I am a proud owner of this.

I don’t regret getting it.



“No regrets”

I wear it way to often, I can’t help it. I just love this ring.




It’s awesome.




I really like this product.




Stunning ring!

Tanya Matherson



This product made me happy when I got it and I’m glad I did.




It would make a great gift, I highly recommend it.



“Really Good”

This ring works like magic, I’ve gotten more attention and compliments from friends.



“I like it”

Ever since I got this product? I feel happier and a lot more confident.




So I got this ring for my girl and she’s mad over it.



“I love it”

It’s almost as if the ring creates a shield protecting me from less confident or inferiority.



“Accessory Lust”

I can’t stop looking at it. It has that magical effect that makes you want to take it anywhere. It’s great!




I love how this piece draws me in everytime i take a look! Absolutely breathtaking. The crystal clear features leave me dreamy! Just the place i wanna be. I don't want to wake up from this soon! This ring has become my REALITY and its clear as day!

Casey Wesley


“A favorite”

Guess who has a new favorite ring. This girl!



“Worth the money”

I don't regret buying this ring.





“The Real Deal!!!!”

The materials used to make this ring are original and long lasting. Love love love.

Rita C.


“Couldn't have gotten a better gift”

I can across this ring while looking for a birthday gift for my mom. I don't think I could have gotten a better gift. She's in love with it. She's really happy, and the  ring looks so good.

Darren K.


“It could have been better.”

More work could have been put into it, IMO.




Garnet is also known as a Stone of Commitment - to purpose, to others, and to oneself. I got this ring to harness these powers, and it has proven itself.

Janet G.


“Great for your Energy”

I can attest to this ring's powers of revitalizing, purifying and balancing energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate.

Leslie Gibbons



Its loving powers reflect the attributes of devotion and understanding.

Elizabeth King


“Fast delivery”

I have to commend Givuto for the fast delivery of my ring.

Selma Kalu




Bernadette Chrisson



I am very much pleased with this purchase. this is one of the most original products i have bought in a long while. i am very much satisified.



“More than looks”

I was swayed by the good looks of this ring but it is a lot more than that. Since I got it, my life has been a lot better.

Joan K.


“Super Impressed”

I can only say good things about this ring. I am very spiritual, and garnet has long been believed to bring good luck in love and relationships. That's why I got this ring, and it hasn't failed me.

Faye Johnson


“Works Great”

I got this ring a while ago and the garnet stimulates from both the Base and Crown chakras to provide for free flow of movement via the spinal column and the inner pathway of light, distributing the appropriate amount of energy to each portion of the body

Betty Mosby



This is a very nice ring, it's worth the price.




I was looking for something for my fiance, something youshe would love and appreciate and i found it here.




This incredibly gorgeous ring has become a cherished buy! Love, Love, love!!! The life emanating from those green centered  eyes tho!!! When i need to breathe! I know just where to look...xoxo

Jane Pegrid


“I love red”

The red in the Garnet is so amazing and it really does have power of the sun bursting through it.




“It's sunshine to me”


I'm walking on sunshine. That's all I can say energy is bursting right through me, even my friends can tell I'm glowing.



“Great feeling”

Never felt better about being born in January than I feel right now. Getting this ring has been a revelation.





I feel like royalty. The Garnet feels so much like royalty, considering the The King of Saxony had one of this.





I feel like royalty. The Garnet feels so much like royalty, considering the The King of Saxony had one of this.





So much power in my hands since I got this ring, I just keep seeing myself achieve so much of my goals in such a short while.




“Sexuality boost”

I have seen my sexuality rise within the first few days of having this ring, it's so pretty I feel so much like royalty.




“Thank you”

I got my girl this and she can't stop clinging on to me. I'm so glad I didn't let a few bad reviews stop me.




“It's all true”

I am from Czech Republic and I have heard so much about the garnet and I'm so glad to finally be a proud owner of one.





Such a small piece of jewelry that packs so much love and devotion. The garnet has aided the amount of positive energy around me.



“Love like no other”

I'm so very satisfied with this ring I had to quickly come to say how happy I am with it.




“No more mood swings”

I'm usually known for mood swings but since I got the garnet ring, it's helped  to balance my moods and right now I'm happier than I've ever been.




“Sound sleep”

I've been on medication to help me sleep for sometime now, then I got wind that garnet could help. I got this one and I've been sleeping better because the garnet guided me in the dream world.




“Amazing piece”

What an amazing piece of jewelry. I have been suffering from depression for awhile now since I lost my grandmother but this garnet ring have helped balance my emotions.




“Confidence high”

My confidence level is at an all-time high all thanks to this ring. I used to get rejected everywhere I go but for the last couple of day since I got the ring people keep loving me. So much positive energy.




“Not my type”

It's a great ring but not quite my type



“Not my type”

It's a great ring but not quite my type



“Great fit”

It's the perfect fit for. Love it



“Good product”

It truly balanced my mood.



“A bit disappointed”

This is one of the best rings I've gotten but I don't like red



“I need blue”

Nice but My favourite colour is blue... Why didn't this come in blue



“Give me blue”

Nice but My favourite colour is blue... Why didn't this come in blue



“Not blue”

Nice but My favourite colour is blue... Why didn't this come in blue



“Nice piece”

I am glad I got this.



“Great change”

Who says a ring can't change your mentality



“I like it”

It's great but just like not love



“A bit below my expectations”

I expected it to drive away more negative energy



“Great piece of jewelry”

Excellent fit my exact love for style




Not my thing.



“Shipping issues”

Had some shipping and delivery issues but apart from that, the ring is awesome.

Viola G.



This is the perfect definition of style meets class



“Not feeling it.”

It does a lot of good but I'm not really feeling it.

Cassie Thompson



It works to Balance my emotions



“5-Star Worthy”

This ring has done nothing but work wonders from the moment I put it on. I'm never taking it off, that's for sure.



“Slick but..”

I like it is slick but I'll have preferred it a little lighter



“I have found love”

This ring helped balance my mind now I've found love




I'm so excited... Then you thank you thank you




This is indeed an excellent product.



“Joy unstoppable”

I just can't stop smiling. Great ring I tell you



“Wish it could do more”

It's doing so much already to make me happy but I want more.




The price is actually very affordable and it is a very beautiful piece of ring i don't want to lose in a long while.




It is actually very beautiful that there was no delay in the delivery of the purchased item. They offer super fast deliver which is impressive and that is what i would recommend to others




“So Excited.”

This got delivered at the speed of light. I am so impressed. It looks really beautiful and the packaging is awesome.

Darcy Villanueva


“miracle worker”

One of the most notable characteristics of this stone is its ability to heal and purify. That's why I got the ring. It's bee working wonders.

Alba Cortez



In my opinion, i think the design is very nice and it's a pretty cool purple amethyst ring.




the ring is real nice. i love it.




The product is a great one. it is exactly what i have been searching for for months. i am satisfied with it.




I can categorically say that i have good value for my money as i purchased the ring. i  have had no regret whatsoever in getting the beat?




“Royal Vibes”

The Garnet was a popular ornamental adornment among royalty and aristocrats, and whenever I wear this ring, I feel like royalty.




It's super durable and versatile. Perfectly suits my style

Amanda Robert


“New Favorite”

I'm soooo excited right now. It glows! Currently my new favorite

Katherina Howes



I really can't get over how beautiful this ring is......Very beautiful

jane Wilson



The ring is much more attractive than I expected.....*thumbs up

Chloe Brown



Just one word. Breathtaking!

Emily Watson


“Helped my Relationship”

This ring features a stone that symbolizes physical love and the relationship between loving partners. Not to sound superstitious but my relationship with my boyfriend has become more stabilized since I became the proud owner of this ring.

Alicia Omar


“It turned my life around”

I read somewhere that if you're lacking in energy, it could be energy blockages within the body keeping you from your natural state of joy and vitality, and a sure fire cure is garnet, so I decided to give this ring a try. I can confidently say that it ha

Xiomara Ruiz


“This ring is the real deal”

This ring is the real deal. The Garnet crystal helps me feel grounded and always connected to the present moment, and it has helped me become more conscious.

Rachel Macalister








“Not my style”

Beautiful piece of jewelry... However I don't think it's my style anymore




“Too tight”

Got this as a gift for my girl but it's too tight on her fingers




“So sexual”

It's got me feeling so sexual right now, I'm a bit scared it might be too much soon.





Who says stuffs don't bring happiness hasn't tried this super cool and effective ring. So much joy in me right now.




“Made me famous”

I and my best friend got this ring.. now are are the talk of the town... Lol





I love this ring because the Garnet stands out with its earthy and subtle aesthetic.



“It has done a good job”

Garnet is a gem at enhancing the laws of attraction, and since I got this ring, my luck with the gents has turned around for the better 😎.

Sally M.


“I'm so fit”

I used to be very sickly but got this a couple of weeks back I can feel the strength bursting through me.




“So glad”

Health they say is wealth. I am so glad to have found this ring as it has brought me both.




“Works well”

This ring stimulates all the chakras in my body from base to crown chakra and when i meditate with it worn on these chakras, it gives me immense strength and balance by inducing spirituality in all aspects. Glad I bought it.



“Helped with my sleep issues”

I have been having trouble sleeping and staying asleep, and since wearing Garnet is believed to give guidance through the night and protection from nightmares, I decided to give this ring a chance. I'm glad I did.

Rita V.


“I love everything about it.”

It inspires love and devotion, balancing the sex drive and alleviating emotional disharmony. Red Garnet in particular stimulates the kundalini energy and aids sexual potency. My sex life has skyrocketed since I got this. Wink wink.

Nancy Gillies



I love this ring because much like real garnet, it both monitors and adjusts the flow of energy to provide for a balanced energy field around the physical body and alignment of the emotional and intellectual bodies.

Eliza Smith



This is a very lovely ring with a very nice design, apparently. i particularly like purple and the dsign pattern o f this ring in particular is what i really like. I would also like to get one for my friend.




I love this ring so much, so does my girlfriend. I proposed to her with it and she fell in love with me over again, hehe. maybe she loves the  ring so much too. Nice one.





I am also buying the idea of useing it as an engagement ring. it has got style and it is really adorable. i like the way they represented the picture, it's the same as what i got when it was  delivered to my doorstep i'm glad i found this.




I think this is good product. that is all i can say. i am happy with what i bought.



“Miracle worker”

This ring is really a miracle worker. I had been dealing with serious headaches but since I started wearing the ring two days ago, no more headaches.




“So nice”

I have seen my relationship with my boyfriend take a new turn all thanks to the ring's ability to increase sexual drive.




“So glad”


I don't know how it's possible and I don't care so long as this beautiful ring continues to bring me good luck .




“Great ring”

My friend advised I got this ring because of its metaphysical properties at first I objected but now I am hooked because it has not been a let-down.




“So feminine”

I feel more like a woman due to the garnet ring on my finger I'm so happy.





This is the perfect blend of beauty and elegance, I simply am in love.





I always wanted to stand out but I'm petite so it's hard to be noticed. But since I got this ring, everybody seems to notice me.




“New thinking”

My family members used to say I think like an old maid. Since I started wearing this ring, goodbye to old thinking.





Say goodbye to lack and hello to abundance once you get this ring. It's been working wonders for me.





I can do all things because I do believe, thanks to this garnet ring which exposed me to a new way of thinking.





It's psychic abilities really works, I can now feel things before they happen. weird, right?





My wife is a little old school I got her this to spice up our lives. She's been wearing it and I can notice the changes.




“Show Stealer”

Everyone keeps looking at my finger. This ring is the best!

Joanne S.




Loving you is so beautiful, that's all I think of nowadays. My sexuality is soaring.





My mom thought I was kidding about the ring so I lent her mine, two days later she wants to order hers.




“Confidence boast”

I am a sales person and it's been hard to get sales for awhile, I saw this and decided to try it and now I'm the top sales woman in my company.




“So grateful”

Why didn't I come across this five years ago? It would have saved me lots of stress.





Psychic abilities are so real. If you doubt it, buy this ring you'll be surprised.




“So much love”

What is life without love? With this ring, finding love is a lot more easy.




“Great attraction”

I always wanted friends but found it hard to have people like me, I got this ring and now I'm walking on a new path.




“Super Excited”

I'll never forget the look on my mom's face when I gave her the ring, she's always wanted garnet and she's so elated about it.




“The Design is Amazing”

I love the amazing design and the gems. A true masterpiece.



“Unique Piece”

I simply loooovvveeee how the amethyst is surrounded by all the little gems. It's unique and it makes me stand out.



“Love It”

I love that the amethyst is surrounded by the little gems. What a unique design. I love my new ring.



“It Got Delivered Fast”

I'm extremely glad that it got shipped and delivered fast. I expected it to take longer. In a way, it felt like a surprise gift LOL. Thank you Givuto. My ring is also very beautiful.



“Beautiful but..”

It's extremely beautiful but I must have clicked on the wrong size lol. I had to give my sister.

Dana Yaris


“Worth the Price”

One of my favorites crystals is Amethyst. I think it's the color that attracted me to it at first. I got this to expand my amethyst collection and it's been a swell experience wearing it.

Valerie Wilson


“I'm in love”

I was enticed by the heart-shaped design of this beautiful ring. It looks so much better in real life.



“Fast Shipping”

It was shipped very fast. I'm so impressed.

Ameerah Hassan


“It looks good.”

It looks good but I wish it had more flair. It works great for my aura.



“works well”

It does a lot of good work and I'm impressed but the design is not for me. Looking back now, I should have opted for something more like me. Beautiful nonetheless.

Tara G.


“The perfect gift”

I made the decision to spoil myself this year and getting myself this ring went towards that goal. It's amazing and I love it.

Koko U.


“A Perfect Match”

Everything about this ring works for me. Since I first laid eyes on it , I knew we were meant to be. I placed the order and it got delivered really fast. It fits me like second skin and it works wonders. Love it!

Diana A.E. Rafton


“Thank you”

It brings  peace  of mind

Emily Dave



OMG! This ring helped  me stop my anxiety attacks

Sarah Brown


“Helps my meditation”

I used thia ring as a meditation tool to calm, protect, and cleanse my spirit. Works like a charm every time.

Carrie Gibbs


“Worked Wonders for my eyes”

I got this ring to strengthen my eyes. Gazing into amethyst has long been proven to be a great way to exercise eye muscles. My eyes are stronger and better for it.

Uma Azeez


“Positivity only!”

I always  feel positive anytime  I use this  ring.

Sandra Robert




This ring brings  good luck. I'm happy  I got it.

Clara David


“Helped with my addiction”

I used to have a terrible gambling addiction and I was told that amethyst helped with addictions so I got this ring. I'm glad to say I'm getting better, thanks to my new ring.

Candice Lawson


“Not the best fit”

It didn't fit well and I feel really bad.

Johanna Macaulay


“Latest Amethyst Fan”

Amethyst is a gem whose beauty transcends its commonality. This ring exudes all of its benefits and beauty. I love it.

India Barton


“Thankful for this ring”

Purple Amethyst has been highly esteemed throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to stimulate, and soothe, the mind and emotions. I'm glad I got this ring because it has done a  lot of good for me.



“No More Addiction”

This amethyst ring has helped  me overcome  my alcohol addiction. Thanks alot!


Mary Smith


“This ring helped with my bodily fluids”

The radiation from this ring has increased the motility of lymph fluid and has supported normal fluid balance in my body. It did exactly what I wanted it too.

Amelia C. Collins



I read that amethyst helps with blood circulation and since I got this ring, it has done just that. I'm thankful that it wasn't fluke or just some fake purple stone.

Karen N.


“5-Star Worthy”

The the naturally-occurring magnetic fields from the amethyst in the ring has actually produced favorable results in my body.



“Works better than a sleeping pill”

I've been having trouble sleeping but since I got this ring, it has provided sleep support and I have been able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.



“No More Addiction”

This amethyst ring has helped  me overcome  my alcohol addiction. Thanks alot!


Mary Smith


“Amethyst is the best”

The the naturally-occurring magnetic fields from the amethyst in the ring has actually produce favorable results in my body.

Grace Jones


“It helped!”

I find it really difficult  to decide  about  things. This ring helped me bring clarity in decision  making.


Linda Jones



It could have arrived a bit faster, IMO. Apart from that, every other thing about this ring is great. Best purchase of 2018.



“No more addiction!”

This amethyst ring has helped  me overcome  my alcohol addiction. Thanks alot!


Patricia Wilson


“So glad”

My  confidence  and communication  skills  has increased since I started using  this ring.  I'm soooo excited.


Susan Miller


“I live in peace”

I get stressed  every day  from treating  people. But with this ring I no longer  experience  stress.  I live in peace.


Lisa Robinson


“I can now sleep”

I used to find it difficult  to sleep at night,  but ever since I got the amethyst ring, I now sleep like a baby  at night. I'm so glad.


Dorothy Clark


“We Are Happy”

I got this ring for my wife on her birthday, and since then  our marriage  has been more stronger, and we are living  a happy  life.  Thank you


Thompson Lewis


“Still love it...”

I love it even though it's not my usual style.


Helen Anderson



I love it even though it's not my usual style.

Helen Anderson








“Too thick”

It's a beautiful ring but the band was too thick for my liking.


Michelle Harris





It's nice but I wish it could be  bigger than it is

Jessica Allen


“It works”

It is a nice ring and it works,  but I wish  there was another  color.


Brenda Nelson







I really love the ring, but it was too tight at first. It's worth the money though.


Rebecca Roger




“I love it!”

I love love love the ring. It has a few imperfections, but it's still a great ring.


Alice Turner



It got shipped really fast and it came in a very beautiful and attractive package. I think I'm in love.

Hope H.


“Helps me stay calm”

Wearing Amethyst brings peace and calmness to my soul.



“I love it”

It's really a great stone to have on my person at all times.

Victoria Leeke


“it protects my space.”

Sometimes I put in the corners of my home and office to protect my energy and space from negativity.




I wear this Amethyst ring to take advantage of it's healing, spiritual and cleansing powers.



“Not my size”

It's not my size. Already gave my best friend who has a fatter finger and she loved it!


Janet Phillips


“My healing gem elixir just got better”

I use this ring a healing gem elixir. I use a glass tube to hold the ring, leave in my water and sip on it throughout the day.

Becky Nilson


“Works wonders at night”

I take it off at night and put it under my pillow to cleanse your energy overnight, stimulate intuition, and encourage healing abilities.

Jemimah G.


“Fast Shipping”

I'm happy because it got delivered faster than I expected.

Betty-Lou Wilson


“It protects me 💝💝

Amethyst is a protective stone -  it transforms energy so anything coming at me gets kicked right out of my space since I started wearing this ring.






I am completely in love with the design and outlook of this ring. I am never taking it off because it is so good. The amounts of compliments I've gotten are enough to fill a book.

Diana A.E. Rafton


“I love this ring”

I am so happy I came across this ring while shopping for new jewelry because it is THE BOMB

Cassandra T. McVincent


“Worth the hype”

I am a spiritual teacher and amethyst is a great stone for me, it helps me to find and access my truth, connect with my Higher Self, and then somehow dissipates the fear that can go with sharing my wisdom.

Reese Y.





The ring is really lovely, I got it for my friend and she loved it. Wished it was stronger though.


Diana Evans



ordered this ring for my girlfriend and she loved it. The only complaint is that I ordered in size 7 instead of 6

Frank Edwards


“very Good”

It's a very nice ring even though the purple color was lighter than it appeared in the photos. Still good anyways.


Victoria Collins


“Worth the money”

Thank you for the fast delivery, Givuto. I love this ring so much because it's so beautiful. It's worth every last penny.

Vanessa C. Hill



I'm in awe of the many powers of this ring. What a force!

Erin May Lutheres


“It keeps me focused”

I wear this ring to work and it relieves me of stress and anxiety. It  helps me to be focused mentally, and also helps remove fear, depression, and anxiety.


Deborah David



Amethyst has long been said to promote sobriety – both in the literal sense of preventing drunkenness, and in the metaphorical sense of developing an ability to think more clearly and not be clouded with emotion of any specific sort. My drinking has red



“I'm soooo glad”

Before I got this ring, I used to be a professional procrastinator. Now I don't waste time in putting my thoughts into actions. I'm so glad I got this ring.


Jenifer Miler


“Simplicity Galore”

This ring is living proof that there is beauty in simplicity. What a piece of art. 💖😍😍😍

Katy Lowe


“It helped!”

Amethyst has helped increased my brain capacity. I've been trying to improve it with all kinds of expensive medicine, but all to no avail. Now my brain is sharper than ever.


Emma Owen


“It comforts”

I got this ring for a friend grieving her late father. I checked on her recently, and I'm happy to see her not depressed or sad. This ring brings comfort indeed!


Sophia James


“Developed Ability”

Ever since I started using this ring, I've been able to apply my intellectual power anytime a difficult situation arises. It helped developed my ability to think more clearly.


Alexis Christopher


“Better Health”

I bought this ring because a friend recommended it when I complained of my inability to sleep well. I'm very glad I bought it, because I can now sleep soundly  every night and my physical health is better.


Olivia Logan


“Thanks a lot!”

I bought this ring for my grandmother that has a respiratory problem, and the amethyst has helped her to remove toxic and dust from her body system. It also cleared dust from her throat and her respiratory system is now okay. Thank you Givuto.


Amelia Michael



I bought this ring because I used to frequently find myself in situations where I am unsure how to take action because of my emotions. I have been making progress.


Abigail Ethan


“Now My Favorite”

This ring helps me think both soberly and critically about the situations I face, which has led to far greater success in handling them. My favorite. 💖


Charlotte Morgan



I read somewhere that amethyst used to eliminate impatience, and that made me buy this ring. Has it worked? Yes.


Evelyn Mason


“Highly Prized”


Amethyst is one of the stones that was most highly prized in the ancient world, and continues to be prized by many people today, myself included.

Lillian Jacob


“I'm very glad!”


This ring has helped me listen to other people’s concerns, and then formulate and clearly articulate solutions in a highly practical, helpful way. I'm glad I own it.

Nora Anthony




Amethyst is an invaluable crystal and I use this ring when I have to solve a difficult problem with others, especially one where emotions are running high. It calms me down in unbelievable ways.


Samantha James


“It's very lovely”

Because of amethyst's ability to help cut through difficult situations and understand what I am really seeing in front of me, this ring makes it possible to get through difficult choices and decision making processes as painlessly as possible.


Zoe Aiden


“It's Worth The Price”


Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. I am very spiritual and that is why I purchased this ring, overlooking the cost. It was well worth it.



Brooklyn Jack


“I'm not disappointed”

Amethyst crystals have been known to help build the skill to critically analyze emotions, appreciate their weight and worth, and then choose whether to act on them, or whether to acknowledge their validity and then set them aside to act on intellectual de

Anna Ryan


“Wort the risk”

I wasn't really sure about this ring because it looked so simple, but in real life, it looks so classy and exotic. Glad I took the plunge.



“Birthday Gift”

I ordered this some days before my birthday to give myself a gift, and it got delivered earlier than expected, exactly on my birthday. I'm in love.

Tatiana Louis


“Worth the money”

I thought it was a tadd pricey but after getting it and seeing it the wonders it performed, I'm in love. Worth every penny.

Ayeesha L.


“Fast Shipping”

It got shipped pretty fast.

Maya M.


“A favorite”

I got it earlier than expected. Absolutely stunning.

  1. Haley


“Love It”

It does a whole Lot of good. I'm glad it's mine.

Annie Jakes


“Awesome Ring”

I really like the ring. It's really beautiful and chic.



“My New Favorite”

This ring has now become my new favorite.

Claire Holt


“Not my Style”

While it does a lot of good, it is not exactly my style.

Philips Trina




“Does great things”

I have read and researched a lot about the benefits of aquamarine and that inspired me to get this ring. It works well.

Zoey Marcel




“Truly, I am in Love”

I have never loved anything as much as I love this ring. Apart from the amount of good it does for me, it happens to be very very beautiful and attractive.



“Compliment getter”

I have been getting non stop compliments and attraction since I started wearing this.



“The Best”

I don't think a ring better than this one exists. This is simply ring perfection at its peak.

Barbara Steinfield


“Worth the money”

Right now, I am glad I spent the money to buy this ring. It's so beautiful and has worked wonders for me.

Diana Marks


“Thank you Givuto”

I love this ring for a lot of reasons:

  1. It was delivered really fast.
  2. It is very beautiful.
  3. It has done a lot of good for me spiritually.

Karen Long


“5-Star Worthy”

My new ring aids emotional healing, this is something I've noticed over time.



“I love this ring so much”

I love how the ring protects my energy from being drained by the negativity surrounding me at work.

Freya Locklan



I appreciate my new ring for its healing and nourishing effects, which is thanks to the aquamarine.



“This ring has proven to be worth the money I spent.”

Because of its flowing, peaceful energy, aquamarine has a strong ability to help move and purify my own energy. Love this ring so much for that.



“Meditation tool”

This ring has the power to deepen meditative states, so I make sure to always wear it when I meditate.

Korede J.


“Good vibes”

Energy-wise, the aquamarine is ruled by the Moon and is infused with yin, feminine energy. I feel that this energy is transfered to me whenever I wear the ring.



“Is there an extra star somewhere?”

This ring is worth all the positive reviews in the world because not only is it a total eye-candy, it also works in mysterious ways. Love. Love. Loveeee.

Luna O'Connell


“Stress Reliever”

This ring helps relieve stress in so many ways. 😊💟

Eliza-May Jackson


“Amazing Design”

I love how the central gem is surrounded by lots of other gems. I look like a million dollars whenever I put this on.

Sofia Perez


“I love my new ring so much”

The energy from this ring can feel like splashes of fresh ocean water - playful and a bit mischievous, too! I love love love it!



“The best birthstone”

I got this ring a while back and I am totally in love because it really expresses the energy of the month of March.



“Best thing.”

Aquamarine's tendency to bring a joyful sense of harmony is fully exhibited by the ring. Best thing.




Aquamarine has helped me access deeper meditative states, as well as get in touch with my own inner wisdom and source of power.



“It balances my emotions.”

The most prominent quality of aquamarine is its ability to heal and soothe my unbalanced emotional states.

Laura Abdul


“It got shipped really fast”

I'm glad because I got my ring faster than expected.



“Not feeling it”

It's a bit too busy for me. I thought I could live with it but I was wrong.



“Fast Shipping”

I Commend Givuto for the speed of delivery.

Mimi Parish


“Love The Powers of this Ring”

It has helped me speak the truth

Ali Cortez


“Healing Powers”

Since I started wearing it, it has healed my emotional trauma.

June Davies


“It changed my fortune”

Upon purchase of this ring, I've witnessed another level of fortune which makes this ring really awesome.




It helps get in touch with suppressed emotions

Drizie Farroe


“Wonderful design”

I love the thinness of the band and how the stone is the huge centerpiece.

Carol D.




“The ring has eternal luck”

The divine and eternal blue of the aquamarine has been proven to have eternal luck for married couples because I'm a living witness. Since the moment I got this ring, its been another level of luck from all angles for me and my partner. It's a good purcha




This ring is great!

Colleen Smithees


“Decent ring”

It's worth the money.



“Psychic 101”

Since I got this aquamarine ring, my psychic abilities have been strengthened.

Quinn Gale


“It increased the level of trust in my home”

I wear this ring almost all the time and it has helped boost the level of trust and harmony in my home!



“It has mystical powers”

The mystical powers of the ring have helped to cure my incessant nightmares. I noticed this since the day I acquired the  ring.




I love this ring! It's time for me and my Pisces sisters to shine.

Delilah Winston


“Aquamarine lover”

Aquamarine is an amazing stone with loads of benefits and I'm glad I own this ring.



“Affordable and Beautiful!”


I'm so glad I finally got a birthstone that's affordable and also beautiful!


Fatima Abubakar


“It has amazing therapeutic capabilities.”

I got this ring because of its therapeutic capabilities and I also discovered that it wades off bad aura and negativity. I noticed some friends around me who constantly have bad intentions have seized to come in contact with me.



“Very calming”


The colour of the ring really helps me to calm down and stay grounded during my panic attacks.


Sandra Finley


“Great for Zen”


I'm really into zen and meditation, this ring helps a lot. I love this ring and I know you will too


Tonia Grey


“My fave”


This ring just became my new favourite accessory. The blue-green colour is now my favourite colour!


Samantha Khan


“It's a world class product”

The aquamarine ring helped me overcome my sleep disorder. This is a world-class product.



“Love this!”


If you love rings, you'll love this!


Mariam Frey


“It made me attractive”

I became extraordinarily beautiful and more attractive ever since I bought this ring.



“Great for work”


I love that I can wear it to work and still look professional. Plus the soothing and calming energy it brings doesn't hurt after a long day of work.


Lily Rane




It's pretty and it's shiny, what more ?


Remi Jones


“So great!”


I love how they have different sizes, I have big fingers and it fits great!


Taylor Brooklyn


“I love this ring”


I begged my sister to give me this ring because I'm born in March and it's my birthstone but she said no. I bought two and I never resist the opportunity to stick my fingers in her face.


Tracy Queen


“It gave me extreme luck”

As a sailor, I bought this ring because of the reviews I heard about it. I'm a living witness to the unending luck it brings upon its wearer.



“Love It”

Aquamarine shares its harmonious joy through my ring. I feel it all the time.

Cheryl Brown


“It helped me overcome my worries.”

The aquamarine ring helped me overcome my worrisome nature and gave me serenity of mind.




it protects me from negative energy all the time.



“I experienced change in my finances”

I've been experiencing a whole lot of change in my finances, my way of reasoning, the decisions I make, and in other aspects.




“Delivered Faster than Expected”

I expected it to be delivered in about 12 days, but I got it in 8 days.

JoJo Carighan


“It helps”

It helped me to be in better control of my emotions.


Linda Wyatt


“It helps me relax!”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Elizabeth Baxter


“It helps me relax!”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Elizabeth Baxter


“It works”

I'm an artist, and I wear this ring anytime I want to work to help me stimulate creativity, and it works.


Jennifer Mosley


“Thank you”

It relaxes my body and mind in a deep way. Thanks, Givuto.

Elizabeth Baxter


“Thanks, Guvito.”

It relaxes my body and mind in a deep way. Thanks, Givuto.

Elizabeth Baxter



It reduced stress and helped improve my health in general.


Maria Cole


“Improved my memory.”

I have been wearing this ring for a while and it has helped improve my memory

Michelle Hoover


“It healed my sore throat.”

I used this ring as a pendant for my necklace and it helped heal my sore throat.


Kimberly Glenn


“It helps meditate”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Shirley Petersen



I'm a very shy person and I find it difficult to relate with people. I got this ring because a friend recommended it. It works perfectly for me!


Angela Meyer


“It helps meditate”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Brenda Keith


“It helps meditate”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Brenda Keith


“It brings luck”

I got this ring for my wife on our wedding anniversary and she said it has helped bring her luck and also protect her while at work.


Alex Garrison


“It helps meditate”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Brenda Keith


“It helps meditate”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Brenda Keith


“It helps meditate”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Brenda Keith


“It controls anger”

Before I got this ring I used to battle with anger issues, I'd flare up at even little things. Since I started using this aquamarine ring, it has helped control my anger. Thank you!


Debra Vincent


“It helps meditate”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Brenda Keith


“I use it to meditate”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Brenda Keith


“I meditate with it”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Irene Walter


“Brings peace”

This ring brings a whole lot of peace.



“Love It”

This ring has a way of clearing the mind.



“A favorite”

The amethyst in this ring calms the heart.

Vicky McVale


“It helps me meditate”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Brenda Keith


“I meditate with it”

Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Anna Smith



Ever since I got this ring, I always wear it anytime I want to meditate and it helps me relax a lot!


Anna Smith


“A favorite”

The aquamarine in this ring calms the heart.

Vicky McVale



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